150W PSU for CO2 laser Tube MYJG-150W 110V

Fast response speed, good effect, high performance, high cutting power, and it can extend the life of the laser tube.
  • This power supply uses a zero-current half-bridge soft switching circuit, which makes the power supply highly efficient and fast in response.
  • Suitable for high and low-level signals. Use the TTL level to control the laser start and stop. At the same time, a protection switch is added to detect whether there is water or ventilation outside.
  • The laser power adjustment can input 0 to 5V analog signals, can also input PWM signals.
  • The power supply has an open circuit protection function, which can avoid damage to the laser power supply due to the burst of the laser tube.
  • Each power supply will be subjected to a high temperature 60 ° C 12-hour aging test under full load, and the power supply test will be started and stopped 500 times in 7 seconds.


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